Specialising in working with leaders and strong professional experts, I help people in business to become more joyful and successful.

Are you are going through change, growth or challenge? I can work with you, your teams or your organisation.

Emotions drive success.

How We Use Emotional Intelligence to Achieve Success


Are you wanting to accelerate your career? Are you feeling stuck? Do you want to unlock your potential? Your reasons for seeking a coach will be unique to you. I can help you to shape your success.


Are your teams connecting and collaborating effectively? How are they managing change? Are they successful in achieving their goals? Whatever the challenges, I can help unlock their human skills to solve these puzzles.


Are you a forward-thinking organisation? Do you want some support to create the right climate for success? If you are looking for support to help you shape your now and your future, I would love to partner with you.


Are you looking for someone to speak with sincerity, personal passion, experience and humour at your organisation event or conference? I could help you make an impact here.

Emotions Drive People, People Drive Success

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is THE skill, that your people, teams and organisations can learn and leverage to deliver improved outcomes and achieve success.

Emotional Intelligence is about being smarter with your feelings. It allows you to consciously notice and understand your emotions, so as to use them as a strategic resource. In summary E.I. is being intelligent with your emotions.

Emotional Intelligence isn’t just another skill leaders must add to their overloaded plate, rather Emotional Intelligence is the plate upon which all other skills reside.

Mucha Mlingo
Founder & Changemaker, PTS Africa

Realise your full potential, at work and in life

My mission

My mission is to enable people, teams and organisations to become more self aware, make better choices and be more purposeful. To find their joy, enhance their wellbeing and realise their full potential, at work and in life.

My mission comes alive in the work that I do:

  • 1-2-1 Coaching
  • Team/Group Event Creation, Facilitation and Delivery
  • Organisation Consulting
  • Conference & Event Speaking

Want to know more about how I can support you to be more successful?