Keynote and Guest Speaking at your Conference or Organisation Event

Sharing experience and ideas is only the starting point. Sparking the thinking of your people to create change…now that’s where the gold is.

Speaking with Passion, from Experience

If you are looking for someone to speak passionately and with humour at your conference or work event about emotional intelligence or employee wellbeing or my 30 year experiences of working in HR, then please do get in touch.

I also sometimes burst into song, but that doesn’t cost any extra.

As part of DXC’s International Women’s Day initiatives, Paul spoke to people in our company about Emotional Intelligence competencies, emotions to support choosing to challenge and those which are barriers to challenge. Paul’s passion for emotional intelligence shone through and his ability to provide audience awareness was incredible. Through his talk, Paul taught a group of over 80 people how to be self-aware, use self-confidence and self-management to challenge those around us, especially in work.

Laura Stables, Account Delivery Lead, DXC Technology

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