Training your teams to get to the heart of your Organisation & Drive Success

As humans, connection is a vital part of surviving and thriving. The more we truly connect, I know from experience that we get more stuff done together and we are ALL better off.

Training/Event Options

“EQ has twice the power of IQ to predict performance” Six Seconds (The Business Case for EQ)

I create, facilitate and deliver bespoke events that increase connection and success through:

People connecting with themselves

People connecting with others in the team/group

People connecting with goals, aims and purpose

“Paul ran an offsite EI session for my team whilst I was working at tombola. The session was extremely useful. It gave us some perspective on our relationships, both within our team and with other teams in the organisation. The workshop made a significant contribution to the evolution of a team culture that was (and still is) compassionate, emotionally aware, and light-hearted. It was a positive experience all round.”
Mark Truran, Link Systems Lead, Razorblue

“We contacted Paul to deliver a workshop on Emotional Intelligence to our Team Leader Apprentices. The session was excellent! Informative, paced, relevant and most importantly actionable! Feedback was excellent and the workshop really enjoyable! Thank you, Paul, and look forward to working with you again in the future!”
Emma Garrick, Director of Operations & Continuous Improvement, Skills Consultants

At my sessions, I engage with managers and teams to think about their own wellbeing, the wellbeing of others in their teams and those around them in their organisation.  I then support managers to create action plans to bring wellbeing to life in their environments.

Do you have a specific team or business challenge?  Want a fresh approach that doesn’t eat up your day? Then try out this innovative approach to take a big bite out of your challenge, using the power of Emotional Intelligence!

I create, facilitate and deliver bespoke 60-90 minute events to help teams tackle specific and real-life challenges they are facing at work.  This ‘Bitesize Challenge Buster’ approach uses the power of Emotional intelligence tools and models to help the team unblock assumptions and barriers, gain further insight, unlock key further questions and move closer to a solution. Some examples are:

How to prevent overwhelm and thrive with Emotional Literacy

Increasing connection and collaboration to support organisational aims using E.I.

Recognising Patterns and improving decision making

Using Brain Style to improve team communication and manage conflict

“Paul has a very engaging and relational way of bringing the theory to life. I now feel much better equipped to process my emotions and thrive at work. Thank you!”
Participant, The Recruitment Junction

How my Emotional Intelligence & Wellbeing Training can help you

My HR background has given me insight into the challenges faced by teams and organisations and by the humans within them. Check out the areas that my Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing session can be applied to achieve greater success:

Me as a Trainer and Facilitator

My philosophy is to help teams achieve their goals, through having people better understand themselves, better understand others and how to harness this knowledge to define and achieve success.

I do this through:

  • A down-to-earth approach
  • Humour
  • Warmth & compassion
  • Really caring
  • An emphasis on action and practice
  • Tailoring my approach to your needs

Paul was very friendly and engaging, and really tailored the information to the challenges of our work and what we do. I gained some valuable takeaways that I can practice and use going forwards. Would really recommend this to anyone looking to build their emotional intelligence in a practical way.

Participant, The Recruitment Junction

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