A-Z of Business Topics

HR and Business related topics that Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing can support.


Is managing this a ticky-box exercise to keep the paperwork right? Having managers ill-equipped to managing their emotions and understanding the emotions of their people will lead to long term issues around trust, engagement, customer relations, productivity…you get the picture.

Career Development & progression

Really getting under the skin of your people to find out what drives them, what they want out of a career and how you can help them get there is vital. 

Conflict Management

We are human. We disagree. That’s normal.  What doesn’t seem normal is how we consistently manage conflict so badly.  Empathy and connection can help here.

Culture in your team & organisation

Culture is just the combination of every thought, feeling and action of all your people (and not the statement on the wall). If you’re not paying attention to these accumulative things then you’re not shaping your culture (well, maybe you are, but not in the way that you likely want).

Customer Relationships

Who knew that more self aware, better self-managing employees can manage their customer relationships better, leading to increased customer loyalty and revenue?

Decision making

Your people can really struggle with making decisions. Do they overthink to the point of stagnation or underthink where they act impulsively? How does that impact on the business? 


Why have you got here in the first place? The likelihood is that it’s down to emotions. Start the emotional intelligence ball rolling now to help prevent reaching this point (without avoidance – confront with confidence) and if you do get there then support managers to deliver with compassion and understanding for a better long-term outcome

Diversity & Inclusion

Emotional Intelligence can help you spot, understand and positively utilise emotions that trigger our thoughts, attitudes and behaviours.

Employee Engagement

How can you build connection and trust with your employees if you don’t know how they feel, don’t know what they need and how aligned their purpose is to your organisation’s purpose? Emotional Intelligence can help you discover what is going on and how to use that knowledge to create higher levels of engagement.


People FEEL aggrieved and put in a complaint. Having a language of emotions as part of your team and organisation culture can help resolve issues informally and more effectively.

Health & Safety

The building blocks of preventative H&S is emotional intelligence.  It can help minimise unnecessary risk-taking and enhance decision making.

Imposter Syndrome

Emotional intelligence can help your people notice their ‘imposter’ patterns and find more alternative, realistic, ways of viewing their achievements.


Building your leaders EQ capabilities will create improved self awareness and self management and also create better awareness of others and how to best manage relationships with them…all to create organisation success.

Learning & Development

What blocks your people from learning? It is often Frustration, Fear and Judgement.  What enables your people to learn? It is Excitement, Courage and Curiosity. Engaging your people, creating the environment to practice new skills safely and then objectively reflect on the pros and cons, provides a powerful process for growth


Get the ball rolling early to support your new joiners. Giving them the necessary emotional skills to thrive in your induction process will help them to get up and running quicker and will minimise the chance of them quitting.

Performance Management

Emotions Drive People. People Drive Performance. Ditch the annual appraisal and have meaningful performance interactions every time.


See Onboarding, but this is even earlier in the candidate journey!


Do you know what drives your people? Do they know what drives them?  Intrinsic motivation and exercising optimism and two key competencies of emotional intelligence. Harnessing these (and other competencies) can increase productivity in your organisation.

Psychological Safety

Is a huge topic in business and is seen as a prerequisite for agility, innovation and growth.  Can your employees make mistakes and speak up without fear of recrimination? Do your leaders demonstrate humility and fallibility? Do people respond productively?  You can start to explore the answers to these questions be going underneath the surface of people’s behaviours and into their emotions, embedded patterns, decision making and life values.  Emotional intelligence gives you a framework for doing this.

Recruitment & Selection

You can only pick the right people if you a measuring the right things.  IQ, skills and experience will only take you so far.  EQ is the missing ingredient where you can have good performers turn into excellent performers.


To live a high performing life, despite challenges, will depend on levels of resilience. Resilience isn’t just about bouncing back after a setback…it’s about developing the capacity to prepare for, recover from, adapt and move forward with energy and agility. 


Nobody is an island.  Like a bundle of sticks tied together…strength comes with unity and cohesion.  Connection, understanding and trust can be developed through growing the EQ of your teams.

Values in your organisation

What is important you and your organisation?  What is your Why? Helping to correctly shape your purpose is in important component of EQ as it makes those tactical and operations choices so much easier and clearer.


Whether that’s mental health, physical health, social health or financial health, they are all impacted and shaped by emotional health.  Growing EQ can help put in place the solid foundations for developing a culture of employee wellbeing in your organisation.

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