So… Who is Paul?

My mission is to enable people, teams and organisations to become more self aware, make better choices and be more purposeful. To find their joy, enhance their wellbeing and realise their full potential, at work and in life.

HR & Employee Wellbeing

I have over 30 years experience in HR and employee wellbeing, working across a range of sectors including, utilities, environmental services, higher education, manufacturing and technology. For much of that time I have worked with and within leadership teams, influencing and delivering culture change, structural change, performance improvement and team development.

Paul has a rare blend of heart for people & head for business… seasoned with a lot of humor. He uses his own emotional intelligence to spark awareness in a way where others can engage their EQ — invaluable skills as a coach & HR leader.

Joshua Freedman, CEO, Six Seconds – the global Emotional Intelligence community


I am an experienced coach, with a track record of working with leaders, subject experts, teams and others within the world of work, across a variety of settings, including pharmaceutical, technology, financial services, legal, training and charity organisations. I have previously also mentored for the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development), of which I am still a Member.

Paul is an inspiration to me. He is open and honest. He is empathic and positive. Most importantly, he is kind. The world always needs more kindness.

Mark Truran, Software Developer, Teacher, Researcher


I’d recommend Paul as he’s very friendly, a great listener and incredibly passionate about Emotional Intelligence!

Emily Parker, Social Media Manager, tombola

Now the Personal Bit…

Cue the ‘X-Factor style’ emotional music and me telling you about my journey!

I loved my HR roles, but something was missing. In 2017, I attended a course that shaped my career and my life. That course was on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) through Six Seconds, the largest global EQ network . It was immersive and transformative. It allowed me to see myself fully – how my emotions shaped my thoughts and ultimately my actions. It opened the door to possibility, optimism and choice. It enabled me to be clearer on my purpose and how I could connect with others to help them get closer to theirs. It was the spark that created the conditions where cautious, considered, safe me could take the plunge to set up my own business and shape MY ideal future. I would like to share that clarity and joy with others to be the best, most successful, version of themselves, in life and at work.

Also you might be interested to know that I am a husband, dad and grandad. I am a lover of puns, singing ‘Gold’ by Spandau Ballet on karaoke, beer, reading & kindness.

Paul is conscientious, kind, trustworthy and good-looking. A lovely son!

Carol, My Mam

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