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HR and Business related topics that Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing can support.


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Tools and reports from Six Seconds.

Other Models

Change Map

The Change MAP provides a structure for organisational, team, and individual transformation. This process puts people at the centre of change, and integrates the rational/logical with emotional/human.


EQS (Emotionally Quick Scale)

I created this model based on my experience of working with my coaching clients around their ability to swiftly identify their emotions. Being able to accurately identify emotions in advance or in the moment often led to preferred outcomes. Those who didn’t spot them until much later expressed less than optimal outcomes.

Plutchik Model

This model provides a simple and logical way to make sense of your feelings.


Shit/Joy Scale

My uncomplicated and fun-based Shit/Joy model is designed to help clients identify in a basic way how they are feeling, where they are on the scale, identify next steps and their longer term ideal.

Six Seconds Model of EQ

This model turns emotional intelligence theory into practice.  The model outlines the ‘Pursuits’: to become more aware; more intentional with your choices; more purposeful.

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Wellbeing Propeller

I  created the ‘Wellbeing Propeller’ for organisations to start with the very foundations of employee wellbeing and ensure that each ‘fin’ is moving forward together…in alignment.  If not, then the organisation won’t move forward efficiently or will steer off course. Building momentum stably and consistently means that employee wellbeing will gain its own, self generating, momentum.

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