Tools and Reports from Six Seconds

“You get what you measure… so measure what matters.” – Six Seconds

As a qualified Practitioner and Assessor, I use a range of  Six Seconds and their partners’ tools to help individuals, teams and organisations discover more about themselves, which supports them in making optimal choices that are aligned with their goals and ultimately create success.

Brain Profiles

This suite of profiles are designed to provide a short, yet meaningful, insight into your Brain Style and Talents, which will help you and your people understand how you effectively use emotional and cognitive data.

Brain Brief Profile

This 1-page profile provides a snapshot of how the emotional and cognitive parts of your brain are processing data, by looking at what you Focus on, how you make Decisions and what Drives you.

Use: Learning & Development; Coaching; Team Development; Leadership Development

Brain Talent Profile

This profile provides your brain’s key strength in the form of ‘Brain Apps’ and how you could use them to build effectiveness.

Use: Career and Performance Coaching;Learning and Development;Team Development

Brain Discovery Profile

This more in-depth of this suite of profiles highlights your Brain Style, strengths and challenges, to support achievement and prevent getting stuck in pitfalls.

Use: As a follow up to BBP and BTP to support – Career and Performance Coaching;Learning and Development;Team Development


Outlines the EQ strengths and challenges for a team or group, the distribution of EQ ability, the mix of Brain Styles, the ranking of group Brain talents and how these link to performance outcomes (success factors).

Use: Team Development and action planning

The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI®) Profiles

This suite of profiles is the complete solution for measurement of overall EQ ability and individual competencies. It provides not only feedback, it provides a process to put your EQ to practical action. It also links EQ scores to current ‘Success Factors’, thereby linking to real world outcomes.

Leadership Report

Delivers clear feedback and a path for using EQ to improve the people side of Leadership.

Use: 1-2-1 Leadership Coaching; Group Leadership Coaching (mature, trust based groups)

Development Report

Delivers in-depth feedback and practical strategies for developing your EQ to improve performance.

Use: 1-2-1 Leadership Coaching;  Leadership Development


Is an in-depth multi-rater tool that shows how you and others perceive you are performing.  Invaluable data and written feedback is provided to help you become more self-aware and grow as a leader.

Use: 1-2-1 Coaching;  In-depth Leadership Development; Succession Planning; Leadership Team Transformation

Neural Network

Uses the most advanced analysis of any EQ assessment in the world, to map out a personalised solution based on your profile.  Your very own ‘EQ SatNav’!

Use: 1-2-1 Coaching;  Personal Development

Six Seconds Partners – Specialised Tools for EQ

These profiles have been built in partnership with Six Seconds, to apply the power of the SEI tool for a specific purpose.

The ResilienceUP Profile

This is an essential tool for measuring and improving resilience. It provides the Why, What and How of resilience to help us be ‘response ready’ for the challenges ahead.

Use:  Employee Wellbeing Initiatives; 1-2-1 Coaching; Pre- and Onboarding; Team Wellbeing Workshops

Leading Through Change Profile

This tool measures a leader’s change readiness and provides an AGILE leadership framework for leaders to follow as they grow their EQ competence.

Use:  Leadership & Organisation Change Initiatives;1-2-1 Coaching.

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