Advising your Organisation on Creating a culture of EQ and Wellbeing

The Personality and Mood of your organisation will be a key determinant of whether you can deliver on your strategic aims.

Consulting Options

I work with forward thinking organisations to help them meet their challenges and achieve greater success. Using the Six Seconds Change Map (see below), to support them to set out what actions are required for them to get closer to their purpose, achieve their strategic aims, regularly ‘live’ their ideal culture and achieve their goals.

“Look after your people and they will look after you” – Paul Cheetham

What is employee wellbeing? If I had to sum it up as simply as possible, I would just say ‘care’.  It’s the intent, expression and carrying out of care.  So how do you do this?

My experience in employee wellbeing has taught me that it’s not just about bunging in an EAP, doing a mental health article twice a year and telling your people to exercise more and eat more veg! It’s more to do with your cultural aspirations aligning with operational and tactical frameworks, decisions and behaviours.

I created the ‘Wellbeing Propeller’ for organisations to start with the very foundations and ensure that each ‘fin’ is moving forward together…in alignment.  If not, then the organisation won’t move forward efficiently or will steer off course. Building momentum stably and consistently means that your employee wellbeing will gain its own, self generating, momentum.

How my EI & Wellbeing Consulting Can Help

My HR background has given me insight into the challenges faced by teams and organisations and by the humans within them. Check out the areas that my Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing session can be applied to achieve greater success:

We are a rapidly growing business, and I cannot recommend Paul enough for coaching or delivering workshops that will help build effective, trusting relationships through EI that will enable ROI

Kirsty Russell, Head of Talent & Operations, NRG

Me as a Consultant

My consulting philosophy is to help organisations to thrive and be more successful by harnessing the innate power of the humans who work for them.

I do this through:

  • Treating your organisation as unique
  • Tailoring key models and principles to your requirements
  • Focussing on practical and do-able steps forward
  • Really caring about your outcomes and success

Want to know more about how I can support you to be more successful?