Coaching gets to the heart of your organisation and drives success

Everyone deserves a coach.

Coaching Options

Individual leadership coaching is intended to go deep in supporting the leader to increase personal performance, overcome challenges, better engage their people, create future leaders, and support personal growth.

“I was looking for help and support in my own personal development and learning, especially around EQ and being a better leader. The first thing you will notice about Paul is his absolute passion around the subject of EI and in him seeking to make a positive difference to his clients. He is ultra-personable, and his style puts you at ease immediately. He absolutely improved my self-awareness and with his help I have approached interactions in new and different ways – with improved consequences.”
Graham Purvis, Managing Director, Robson Laidler Accountants

Individual Expert coaching is intended to go deep in supporting an individual who wants to enhance and amplify their technical expertise and potential. It helps the expert build better relationships with their peers a, gain buy in from clients/internal stakeholders, support improved decision making and harness their ‘internal fire’ to achieve their aims

“I started exploring emotional intelligence with Paul nearly two years ago. His coaching skills are amazing, and he really helped me to explore my focus areas and encourage my own thought processes. I found the whole process really efficient and effective, and Paul showed me ways to take practical steps in developing my areas for improvement almost right away. I still continuously try to develop my emotional intelligence after working with Paul having recognised the huge value it brings to my professional and personal life. The biggest benefits I’ve experienced have been improving my efficiency and motivation in the workplace.”
Joanne Harvey, Global CRM & Loyalty Manager, Mayborn Group

For all employees who are looking to enhance their resilience and wellbeing to ignite sustainable behaviour change. It helps employees by creating space for them to reflect, learn, grow, be healthier and embed self-sufficiency to tackle future challenges.

“Working with Paul to raise self-awareness and personal resilience through coaching, has given me the opportunity to reflect on my strengths and areas of development. His coaching style is very engaging and his ability to get to the real issues is great.”
Lynn Perry, People Director, END.

For anyone in or out of the workplace who is interested in growing self-awareness, being better able to handle challenges and discover greater clarity on how they want to show up in life.

“Paul always makes sure you are at the centre of every coaching session. In such a short space of time we have built a strong rapport and he has made me feel at ease. He has supported me to look inwards and provided me with the tools to change my approach to issues that have been playing on my mind for years. It’s hard to describe the effect the coaching sessions have had on my life as the impact has been so broad but I certainly feel my outlook is more positive and confidence has grown thanks to Paul. I look forward to continuing my journey.”

Why Coaching?

Everyone’s reasons for seeking coaching are different. Your reasons will be unique to you and your circumstances right now.

To give you a feel for some of the reasons people have come to me in the past for coaching, I have outlined some examples below:

  • Improve personal leadership at work
  • Increase effectiveness
  • Amplify their technical strengths
  • Stop being ‘a dick’ as often (their words, not mine!)
  • Improve work/life balance
  • Enhance decision-making capabilities
  • How to get unstuck, when feeling powerless

Paul always makes sure you are at the centre of every coaching session… It’s hard to describe the effect the coaching sessions have had on my life as the impact has been so broad but I certainly feel my outlook is more positive and confidence has grown thanks to Paul.


What is Coaching?

Fundamentally it is an equal partnership with you, where we will work together to identify what you would like to work on and what steps can be taken to get you where you want to be. The focus is:

  • Where you are now; raising self-awareness
  • Supporting you to identify what options you have – help you find and sift the answers that already lie within you
  • Bringing out your aspirations and the steps you want to take to get you there in the future
  • The wisdom lies within you.

It’s also important to say what coaching isn’t:

  • Therapy or counselling (for more serious/continuous/pervasive life issues), which looks more to the past
  • Mentoring, which is about the mentor sharing their experiences to inform
  • Consulting, which is where the expert provides advice, opinions or solutions

Me as a Coach

My coaching philosophy to help people find their joy and support them in being their ideal version of themselves.

I do this through:

  • A down-to-earth approach
  • Humour
  • Warmth & compassion
  • Non-judgement
  • Providing a high level of support
  • Providing a high level of challenge
  • Stillness and space
  • My full presence and attention
  • Supporting you to validate, explore and transform your emotions, so that you can use them as a strategic resource (emotional intelligence)

How Does it Work?

  • Face-to-face, online or on the phone
  • Safe, confidential, trusted space
  • Me listening, being present and asking questions

About You

As this is a partnership, I would look for you to:

  • Be committed to coaching
  • Be engaged in the process
  • Be willing to undertake self-reflection
  • Be willing to create, commit to and own your actions

Want to know more about how I can support you to be more successful?